Ed Bartholomew
Promotional poster for the ‘Behind the B&B’ mockumentary showing the actors cut out and positioned in order of importance with a white and purple background

Behind The B&B – Poster

DateApril, 2017
SkillsGraphic Design, Photo Retouching

This poster promotes the short university film ‘Behind the B&B’, a mockumentary of a rural B & B. The film combined script and actor improvisation to showcase events in a dysfunctional B&B, in particular the approach taken by the owners to their staff and wide assortment of interesting guests. Since the name of the B&B was ‘Bluebell Lodge’, the main colour of the poster reflects this. The poster features a QR code at the top to make watching the film easy with the main characters roughly cut out and ranged in order of importance. Each actor was photographed individually and cut out from the background using Photoshop. The poster uses a modern, flat design.

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