Ed Bartholomew

Bartholomews Specialist Distribution – Promotional Video

ClientBartholomews Specialist Distribution
DateJune, 2017
SkillsVideo Production

This promotional video was created to be shown on the new website for Bartholomews Specialist Distribution (BSD), a Chichester based company which is perhaps better known for its agricultural business. The client wanted to showcase the work of BSD to a wider audience. Rather than relying on interviews and sound bites to describe the work of the company, this video demonstrates visually the variety of services and work performed by BSD with a strong and powerful musical background suggesting professionalism, hard work and dedication. Members of the office team are shown together with shots of forklift trucks and lorries being driven by uniformed staff in high visibility jackets, emphasising that no corners are cut in this company. The video ends with the company’s graphics, which are on their lorries, workplace and uniforms. I generated the concept of this video and was responsible for all the filming, editing and music. The video was created in 2017 and remains on BSD’s website to this day.

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