Ed Bartholomew
A promotional poster for the short film ‘Despair’. The back of a man is seen looking forward to the beach with immigrants arriving on a gloomy autumn day

‘Despair’ – Poster

DateMarch, 2018
SkillsGraphic Design, Photo Retouching

This poster takes an atmospheric still from the short film ‘Despair’ showing the arrival of a group of migrants from the boat bringing them to a remote setting where the farmer who will be ‘employing’ them waits. They are being led along by the people trafficker who features so prominently in the film. We see the back of the protagonist looking on at the immigrants ahead of him which creates a sense of mystery.

To create the poster, a still was taken from the video. In Photoshop I had to digitally extend the sky in order for the image to be framed correctly. I also added a dark overlay to make the text more visible and also create a gloomy and gritty feeling.

The Visual Storm logo features clearly and like all of the text is in white, emphasising the darkness of the day and the moment. ‘Despair’ and the information immediately below it is in an italic style which makes it stand out and creates a classic, serious feel. The information about the actors below is in a modern font type and aims to look professional and modern.

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