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Emsworth Museum – Promotional Video

ClientEmsworth Museum
DateMarch, 2018
SkillsVideo Production

Emsworth Museum, Hampshire, a small local museum, administered by the Emsworth Maritime and Historical Trust and fully accredited by the Arts’ Council, is dedicated to the history of Emsworth.

The brief was the creation of an engaging showcase video for the museum using photo-restoration and 2.5D animation with the intention of both encouraging increased footfall to the museum and a greater depth of enquiry into the museum’s artefacts for visitors once there. Created for use on the museum’s website and social media pages, the short animated video would use photographs to describe key events in Emsworth’s history, with the aim of the 2.5D animations really bringing the photographs to life.

The design of an immersive soundscape for each scene using Adobe Audition, captured the atmosphere and brought the photographs to life which, combined with a customised soundtrack, moved the story forward and created a different feel at key moments. The narration of the video was crucial and added interesting depth without detracting from the content.


These days eye-catching visuals are a must when informing would-be visitors what the Museum does and what we have to offer. Visual Storm quickly supplied a really excellent photo-restoration video, which was just what we wanted. As a result of their innovative work, we have received numerous enquiries and contacts, and we would like to wish the company every success in the future.

Margaret RogersCuratorEmsworth Museum

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