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Designed to provoke thoughts of organisation and productivity, this modern blue and purple logo shows two pieces of paper stacked on top of one another at an angle on a white background showing initial sketches of the logo

Ordino – Brand Identity

DateDecember, 2018
SkillsGraphic Design

The design of the Ordino app brand identity was an MA project. ‘Ordino’ is essentially a smarter call sheet system for the digital age which you learn more about here. Ordino (the Latin for organisation, a vague but interesting and professional sounding name) presents itself as an industry wide solution, attractive to producers, actors and crew and offers a simple, quick and easy to use option. ‘Ordino – The future of call sheets.’

The simplicity of use, professionalism and organisational capacities of Ordino are reflected in its brand identity which is both stylish and memorable. Clear brand guidelines ensure the consistency of the designs throughout the experience. The logo incorporates modern design principles, using contemporary gradients of deep purples and sharp blues. The colour blue works well as it evokes feelings of productivity, trust and purpose – this is a productivity app. Purple is an attractive colour which blends well with blue. The final logo is in both colour and monochrome versions to allow for a variety of applications. The needs of users with accessibility issues are addressed by the deployment of high contrast, in both colour and background, so that the elements are clear and easy to read, and by bolder icons with high contrast which are spaced out on the UI. ‘Avenir’ is a bold and powerful font while also remaining neat and professional. I deliberately stylised it in lower case to keep it looking tidy and organised, mirroring the nature of the Ordino app.

The Ordino logo split into two versions, one with the logo in blue and purple on a white background, the other is white on a blue and purple background
The first page of the Ordino brand guidelines shows the logo in white on a blue and purple background
The second page of the Ordino brand guidelines outlines the various colours to be used by the brand
The third page of the Ordino brand guidelines outlines the various versions of the logo available
The fourth page of the Ordino brand guidelines outlines the fonts which should be used by the brand
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