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The modern, minimalist and black and white Ed Bartholomew logo, shows a white square with a black border, and a black ‘E’ positioned in the middle. The logo is on a white background showing initial sketches of the logo

Personal Brand Identity

DateSeptember, 2019
SkillsGraphic Design

My personal brand identity is designed to provoke thoughts of simplicity and professionalism while still being fun, creative and personal. A variety of brand assets have been created, including the logo, business cards, website, social media banners, showreel and brand guidelines.

I designed the final logo in three versions: a square variation with a border, the same version without a border and the full version, which displays my full name. All use one colour and so can be applied to a variety of situations, from digital to print, and still be recognisable. The logo focuses on my name, rather than my skills since the range of skills I can offer could potentially over-complicate any design, and I wanted to capture the simplicity of the brand.

These business cards offer an example of the brand guidelines in action. The front of the card uses the brand assets with the logo positioned in the centre. The variety of shapes used is designed to emphasise my multimedia skills subtly. The reverse side of the card is also in keeping with the brand guidelines. The top half is in a similar style to the homepage of the website, and the contact information is in the same style as the CV page of the website, creating a fully consistent multimedia presence.

The landing page has been designed to be clean and simplistic and has been created so the content fits on the page without the need to scroll, almost acting as a digital business card, and provides users with the content they would expect to see straightaway. The page is well-structured, allowing users to find the information they are after quickly. The development of my personal website can be viewed in more detail here.

I designed these brand guidelines with professionalism and simplicity at the forefront of my mind while striving for a creative and fun flair. The final version is bold and memorable, with a strong visual impact, thus achieving my initial aims, and if used correctly, will ensure brand consistency.

The Ed Bartholomew logo split into two versions, one with the logo black on a white background, the other is white on a black background
Both the back and the front of the Ed Bartholomew business cards are displayed at a slight angle. The front shows the brand’s logo, surrounded by a variety of shapes in black and white. In a similar design to the website, the back displays my contact information in a clean and modern style
On a plain white background, we see a variety of devices, including a laptop, desktop, tablet and mobile each showing what the Ed Bartholomew website looks like when loaded on different sized screens
The cover page of the 2019 Ed Bartholomew Brand Guidelines. Black and white shapes are spread out across the page in a modern and minimalist style
The contents page outlines the various categories in the Brand Guidelines
The introduction page sets out the goals, values and design style of the brand
The typography page outlines the brand font
The colours page details the various colours to be used by the brand
The layout page describes the style to be used when designing content for the brand
The logo page outlines each logo to be used by the brand as well as how to size and scale it
The assets page details the variety of design elements to be used by the brand
The animation page provides an overview of the animation styles to be used by the brand
The photography page displays a variety of professional images as an example of the style and quality to be aimed for
Aa mockup of what the brand’s social media banner and profile photo look like when in use, and the profile photos and banners to be used on each platform
The tone of voice page describes how to write content in keeping with the brand’s style and values
Closing page showing the 'E' logo
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