Ed Bartholomew

Phoenix Creative – Promotional Video

DateDecember, 2017
SkillsVideo Production

Phoenix Creative is a fictional small startup, generated as part of a university project, which restores old photographs, transforms photographs into video and communicates text artistically using 2.5D animation with sound design, the creation of infographics, video production, social media content, cinemagraphs and photography. It offers various packages (Ember, Inferno) to simplify customer experience.

In keeping with the Phoenix Creative brand and to showcase the possibilities available, this promotional video is animated throughout. As the company offers a wide range of services, the video is two and a half minutes long and has a lighthearted, friendly feel while remaining professional. It suggests the problems potential customers might face, eg. with restoring and digitising their own photographs at home, before presenting a clear solution which Phoenix Creative can achieve at an affordable price and with ease. The animations were created in After Effects and the assets were made in Illustrator and the video was assembled in Premiere Pro.

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