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Promotional flyer for the Queen Mary Music Society showing a young woman smiling towards the camera with her clarinet on the desk in front of her. The flyer encourages people to follow the society on social media

Queen Mary University Music Society – Flyer

ClientQueen Mary Music Society
DateSeptember, 2018
SkillsGraphic Design, Photo Retouching

This flyer was designed for the 2018 ‘Welcome Meetup’ event for the Queen Mary University Music Society. The front page incorporates the university’s logo and has a blurred background with a friendly face, and her clarinet, looking directly at the camera. Its call to action is ‘Let’s keep in touch!’ with the methods of doing so clearly placed below. Line drawings of musical instruments in purple and white are shown at the top and bottom of the flyer, and the way in which the flyer is designed to slant across the page adds a youthful dimension. The clarinetist is wearing a top which strongly reinforces the main colours used and makes the society’s brand more memorable. Having limited photographs to work with made the process more difficult. To overcome this in the future, I was asked back on a later occasion undertake some photography for the society’s end of term concert for use in future promotional material. The photo I eventually selected was taken on a phone and needed considerable editing to be shootable. In Photoshop I used the camera raw functionality to adjust the exposure, highlights and saturation to make the photo more appealing. I then masked around the subject and digitally blurred the background to create a more professional image and emphasise the foreground. The poster features a QR code which users can scan to be taken to the society’s website.

The reverse of the flyer is more directly informative, listing the dates for the meetup and trial sessions of the groups and ensembles which comprise the Music Society, and can also be seen in the society’s promotional video. The performance aspect of the society is subtly emphasised by a colour photograph of an audience enjoying a Music Society event, again slanting across the page. Digital versions of the flyer were promoted across social media reaching over 4300 people with 200 people paying £10 to join the society within the first two months and seeing a record 230% increase in numbers from 2017.


Ed created our flyer design for the freshers week. Everyone was really impressed with the design and layout of the flyers providing a great overview of all of our upcoming events. The flyers were distributed both digitally and in person with a QR code leading interested members straight to our sign up form. The flyers vastly improved the numbers of members joining the Music Society with over 100 people attending our first event. We are very grateful to Ed for creating such an imaginative design and enticing many new people to join our society.

President of the Music SocietyQueen Mary University Music Society

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