Ed Bartholomew
A close-up photograph of a young man playing a violin in a concert taken for use as promotional material by the Queen Mary Music Society

Queen Mary University Music Society – Photography

ClientQueen Mary University Music Society
DateMarch, 2018
SkillsPhotography, Photo Retouching

These photographs capture students in the orchestra playing instruments, receiving applause and chatting during breaks. They highlight the level of concentration necessary to succeed and the collaborative nature of playing in an orchestra. This is also emphasised in the promotional video and flyer I created for the society. Some photographs focus on one or two individuals, or even one pair of hands playing a snare drum, while others show sections of the orchestra. The photos were taken using a Canon 5D and were edited using Photoshop. I used the camera raw feature to adjust the white balance, highlights, mid-tones, shadows and saturation. I also cropped some of the photos to reframe them to better effect and added a subtle vignette to draw viewers’ attention as desired. The diversity of these photographs will enable the Music Society to use them for all manner of promotional material in the future.

Close up of drum being played during an orchestral concert
Two violinists chatting during a break in concert rehearsals
Close up of a young man playing the violin during a concert rehearsal
Two young women women playing violins during concert rehearsals
A young woman playing the cello during an orchestral concert
Several young women playing instruments in the woodwind section of the orchestra
A young man about to play the double bass during an orchestral concert
The strings section standing up to receive applause at the end of an orchestral concert


We were grateful for Ed’s help photographing our big end of term concert. Ed was extremely professional at the event managing to get close up for shots but at the same time remaining unobtrusive. He captured many great moments from Orchestra to speeches. We were really impressed with the quality of the photos which he had edited with a keen eye for detail. The society can only thank Ed for his fantastic work which we look forward to sharing with our members and using for future promotional material.

President of the Music SocietyQueen Mary University Music Society

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