Ed Bartholomew

Queen Mary University Music Society – Promotional Video

ClientQueen Mary Music Society
DateAugust, 2019
SkillsVideo Production

The brief from the Music Society was to create a short promotional video which was informative, upbeat and inspiring in order to attract new members. They sought to show the society as prestigious and respectable while also fun and sociable. After consultation, we decided that the video should contain footage from the welcome meeting, thus highlighting the society’s softer side – smiling, laughing and enjoying drinks – as well as footage from rehearsals and the most important concert of the year, demonstrating how talented the students are and what it is like to be part of such an event. A range of interviews would also be included from three students and the director of the Music Society, Paul Edlin. Interviewees would discuss their experiences with the society, how it’s been helpful to them and why it has been so good to be a member. The video should cut between the interviews and the related b-roll to highlight this. It should leave the viewer wanting to join the Music Society and will be used in the future with other promotional material such as the society’s flyers used at the beginning of each academic year.

The video was filmed over the course of two days, the first in September during the Society’s welcome meetup and the second in December during the final year concert, where we also captured the interviews and various rehearsals. During the concert, multiple microphones were positioned throughout the orchestra to capture each section.

The finished video reflected the aims of the Music Society entirely and is now on their website in preparation for the forthcoming academic year.


Ed is clearly a very talented film maker. He was tasked with a challenging brief - to make a film in strictly limited time, together with a series of essential constraints. The result was a film that explained everything in the most accurate, positive and engaging ways. Ed and his team could not have been more professional and discreet in the way they worked, allowing life to function as normal and to ensure the final result (the film) honestly reflected the activities. I heartily recommend Ed as a very talented, self motivated and highly professional film maker who can produce outstanding results in all respects.

Paul EdlinDirector of MusicQueen Mary University Music Society

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