Ed Bartholomew

‘Trunk’ – Music Video

ClientWild Front
DateApril, 2018
SkillsVideo Production

I created this non-linear music video for ‘Trunk’ by Wild Front during my undergraduate degree. It explores how the choices of an individual can affect their lives and others around them. When the boyfriend is offered the promotion he’s been working so hard for, his relationships begin to fade and crumble around him as he changes his priorities. A second option is offered when it becomes clear that not getting the job is actually the better path. So two potential scenarios are offered during this uplifting video which has a ‘feelgood’ start with lots of excitement, congratulations on receiving an interview and drinks in an atmospheric bar. As our main character drives to his interview he notices a motorist who has broken down in a remote rural spot. Rather than stopping to help, he keeps going but is not awarded the job and even the best efforts of his girlfriend and a candlelit meal cannot keep their relationship going. Take two, and he does stop to help the motorist, still missing out on the job but retaining his self-esteem and his now heavily pregnant girlfriend. The final shot shows the man giving a knowing look direct to camera. This video therefore focuses on a pinnacle choice and provokes the audience to question their own choices. The video was edited and colour graded in Premiere Pro and synced to the music where applicable.

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