Ed Bartholomew

uPhotogifts – Promotional Video

DateApril, 2017
SkillsVideo Production

uPhotogifts is an online company specialising in creating photographic gifts such as cards, bags, magnets, calendars, keyrings and so forth. Their slogan is “as personal as your memories”. This promotional video comprised part of my undergraduate degree and was designed to sell an idea centering around the themes of family, love, precious memories and nostalgia. It aimed to be unashamedly emotive, tugging at the viewers heartstrings, as a mother sees her son grow up to finally reach his dreams and aspirations, and reminisces about the memories that brought him to that moment. Aimed at the AB and C1 socio-economic groups, and specifically targeting busy, affluent mums across the age range, the video is as far as possible from a faceless corporate production, relying on sentimentality and excellent personal relationships.

The pre-production for this video was challenging, not least because of the inclusion of minors and there were strict deadlines. Green screen effects were used for scene transitions and airport settings, with simple slow paced shots giving way to quick cuts to keep the pace of the story at the forefront and ensure viewer engagement. The outro shows an animated logo. The sound design and music includes a lighthearted, curious start which picks up and becomes quicker and deeper, finishing on a powerful note with a nostalgic feel as the logo comes up. Split audio advances move the story along and muffled SFX is used for memories.

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