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A blue ‘v’ with a lightning bolt in the middle with angular text saying ‘Visual Storm’ next to it. This modern and professional logo is displayed on a white background showing initial sketches of the logo

Visual Storm – Brand Identity

ClientVisual Storm
DateJuly, 2018
SkillsGraphic Design

Visual Storm, a multimedia and video production company, underwent a re-brand in 2018 with the aim of creating a more unified and consistent brand identity. This project consisted of updating the brand’s logo, business cards and website as well as the creation of the brand’s mascot and social media branding.

During the re-brand of Visual Storm, it was apparent that the logo needed updating. The ‘v’ with a bolt part of the logo would remain the same but the company’s name would be added next to it. This meant that the ‘v’ on its own could be used where the new full version would not fit, such as social media platforms. The individual letters of Visual Storm were created from scratch, sketched out first and then digitised, being designed to reflect the angular nature of the ‘v’. The logo was created to be compatible with a variety of use cases and so works when used in just one colour. The colour version of the logo uses the brand’s accent colour blue for the ‘v’ and grey for the text section. The updated logo creates a more professional feeling and is better in keeping with the rest of the brand.

Visual Storm’s mascot is a fun way of personifying the brand and has been created to be used throughout the branding material as well as on social media. The mascot is modern, quirky and fun and being a clapperboard it quickly reflects the brand’s industry. The flat, modern design style works together with the rest of the branding to present the brand in a fun and engaging way.

The portrait Visual Storm business cards display the brand’s logo, mascot and contact information in a clean, fun and modern way with the reverse side featuring a QR code, with the logo embedded in the centre to direct users to the website.

To be worn while filming, the Visual Storm staff t-shirts feature a small version of the logo on the front of the t-shirt, on the top right, and the full Visual Storm logo on the back. Black was chosen as the main colour for the t-shirts to be less distracting when filming events and to help to identify staff members.

The Visual Storm website’s landing page features the ‘Driven by Quality’ slogan with a brief description of the company and a call to action to view the portfolio or find out more information. The site is compatible with mobile and provides information such as the company’s services, previous projects, contact information as well as testimonials and blog posts. The site is designed to be fully consistent with the rest of the branding such as business cards, mascot and logo creating a seamless, consistent branding experience.

The Visual Storm logo is split into two versions one shown in colour on a white background, and the other is white on a blue background
The Visual Storm mascot is a modern, quirky and fun cartoon clapperboard shown front on and smiling
Both the back and the front of the portrait Visual Storm business cards are displayed at a slight angle and show the brand’s logo, mascot and contact information in a clean, fun and modern way
The front and back of the Visual Storm branded t-shirts are displayed on a plain, grey background. The t-shirt is black with the front showing the small version of the Visual Storm logo in the top right and the back featuring the large version of the logo positioned in the top centre
The landing page of the Visual Storm website displayed on both mobile and laptop featuring dark clouds with white text saying ‘Driven by Quality’
Screenshots of the Visual Storm website displayed in a modern perspective grid showing the site’s creative and professional design style
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