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The modern and trendy Xploro logo shows two overlapping green squares with a few dots leading to an ‘x’ in the middle. This fun and quirky logo is shown on a white background with initial sketches of the logo

Xploro – Brand Identity

DateDecember, 2018
SkillsGraphic Design

The creation of the brand identity for Xploro was an MA project. It is primarily an outdoor treasure hunting game to encourage children to spend more time outdoors and keep active in the light of increased childhood obesity. (After treasure? You’ve just struck gold!) I chose the name ‘Xploro’, a shortened version of ‘Exploro’ – the Latin for exploration – leaving off the first ‘e’ and starting with the ‘x’ to add flair. Starting with an ‘x’ also links well to a treasure hunting game – ‘x marks the spot’.

The logo comprises two squares with soft, rounded edges to suggest fun, and an offset duplicate to represent the interactivity and scanning feature of the app. The dots suggest movement towards the ‘x’, where the treasure will be found. I chose the font Cera Round Pro for the logo as it is bold and clear, with the rounded characters matching the ethos and style of the app, making it look more friendly. I believe that the logo is a memorable one which would encourage brand loyalty. The final logo is in both colour and monochrome versions to allow for a greater variety of applications.

My brand guidelines ensure consistency across the brand. I used bright colours, high contrast and simple icons, with well spaced out buttons, to promote greater accessibility. The UI of the Xploro app is simple and fun with bright green on a white background using clear shapes. I chose green as the primary colour to symbolise nature, exploration and health, core ideas behind the app, with white to promote a clean and modern design, which also made the app more freeing and spacious, reflecting the nature of the great outdoors.

The Xploro logo split into two versions, one with the logo in green on a white background, the other is white on a green background
The first page of the Xploro brand guidelines shows the logo in white on a green background with dark clouds in the left-hand corner
The second page of the Xploro brand guidelines outlines the various colours to be used by the brand
The third page of the Xploro brand guidelines outlines the various versions of the logo available
The fourth page of the Xploro brand guidelines outlines the fonts which should be used by the brand
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