‘Sub Rosa’ - Short Film




April, 2017


Video Production

‘Sub Rosa’ is a short film drama completed as part of my undergraduate degree. Having invested in high quality cameras and powerful software packages for post-production, the aim was to produce as near to industry standard quality as possible with every aspect of the film. Taking inspiration from the stunning visuals and cinematography of films such as ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Gravity’, the theme dominating ‘Sub Rosa’ concerns money and materialism, both the positive and negative aspects, including the potential fragility of wealth. One shot which highlighted this well is seen during an opening scene, when the main character is looking through a glass window at a display of jewellery. An interesting shot is achieved by diffracting the glass slightly over his face, which contributes to the narrative by suggesting that his materialistic life is quite fragile. The penultimate shots of the film use green screen to achieve a flashback effect, where characters are transported to an earlier point in their lives to view a pinnacle decision.