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The Challenge Social page on the App Store, showing screenshots of the app against a blue background

Challenge Social – App Store Branding

ClientChallenge Social
DateOctober, 2020
SkillsUI Design

In preparation for the launch of the Challenge Social app I created a series of images for use on the App Store and Google Play. The images show key screens from the app with text explaining their value to the user. The interface for the app was designed using Figma. I exported the interface designs and put them into a mock-up of the phone using Adobe Photoshop. I chose a white mock-up to better match the brand’s style. The final designs helped to achieve 56th and 48th place in the charts respectively during the launch week.

Three App Store screenshots showing the newsfeed, create challenge and response section screens
Three App Store screenshots showing the response section, my challenges and extended view screens
Two App Store screenshots showing the search and profile screens
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