Ed Bartholomew

Challenge Social – Web App UX/UI

ClientChallenge Social
DateMarch, 2021


Challenge Social is a new social networking app that brings everyday people closer than ever to their peers and idols, whether that’s sports personalities, celebrities or businesses.

Use your phones’ camera to record a challenge or to showcase a skill, then upload it to the app for everyone to interact and respond to. Our voting system creates a competitive buzz around each challenge, allowing users to get ranked by the community. The more votes you get, the higher you rank!

Web App

Having successfully created and launched the Challenge Social mobile app, the company set out to build on the mobile app by creating a web app for the platform. The web app would allow people to view challenges without having the app installed, as well as allow challenges to be viewed on other devices such as desktops, laptops and tablets. This would mean when users who haven’t heard of Challenge Social receive a link to a challenge that a friend has shared, they would be able to see it, whereas without the web app they would just be directed to the App Store. This would improve the shareability of challenges and also help to grow the user base as people would be prompted to download the mobile app when viewing content from the web app.

Designing the web app meant designing an experience that felt consistent and in keeping with the mobile version, whilst taking advantage of the extra screen space available. This was achieved by scaling up the designs for the newsfeed and profile pages, and allowed two additional sidebars to be added. The left sidebar links to key pages, suggesting accounts and prompting users to download the app. As the people who view the web app primarily won’t have the app installed, the right sidebar has a ‘what is Challenge Social?’ section which explains key features of the app. Below that, a ‘trending’ section is a great way to show users some of the best content available on the platform.

Although at the time of writing these designs are just a concept and the web app has not yet entered development, I believe the design looks and feels like a Challenge Social product and is what users would expect from a web app.

The Challenge Social web app displaying the newsfeed
The Challenge Social web app displaying trending challenges
The Challenge Social web app displaying competitions
The Challenge Social web app displaying a profile
The Challenge Social web app displaying individual challenge
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